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I am Brenda Snyder, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,   and I have over 20 years experience counseling people just like you. I will help you explore the source of your pain and learn how to be happy again. You will be able to figure out your options, make healthy decisions, and feel the benefits of regaining your self-confidence

20+ years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Anxiety Treatment, Depression, Grief/Crisis, Relationship Issues, EMDR 


"My sessions with Brenda are an investment in my overall health and well-being."

"Therapy with Brenda has helped me understand what I was doing to complicate my own life. I make much better choices since I've been in counseling with her."

choose hope,

You deserve to feel better!  It is my responsibility and privilege to help you find your way back to HOPE. You probably know why you feel bad, but you might not  know how to live without your issues negatively affecting your daily moods and reactions.