Is your family all that you hoped?

 I have lived in a stepfamily for         over 20 years, and love devoting a     percentage of my practice to           helping stepfamilies just like           yours. Coaching sessions are available by   phone/webcam and locally in my office for   stepmoms and stepcouples. 

Interview Questions for YOUR Stepfamily Counselor Candidate

  • Specifically, what kind of stepfamily training have you had?
  • Is the treatment for stepfamilies different from first families?  If the candidate says, "No, the stepfamily operates much like a first family and so the treatment is the same," keep looking!
  • Have you ever been divorced and/or remarried and experienced stepfamily life yourself?
  • What are some of the unique challenges that stepfamily co-parents face, and how do you handle those?
  • Why do you believe that so many remarriages fail as opposed to first marriages, and what specifically do you do to help strengthen the remarriage?